Super Glue 15408-12 E-Z Fuse Self-Fusing Waterproof Silicone Tape, 1"x10', Black


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SKU: 11231836
MFG: 15408-12


E-Z Fuse Tape is a self-fusing, insulating tape material that forms a permanent, waterproof, UV-resistant, airtight seal when cured. The easy-to-use, flexible material stretches around uneven shapes and forms. It can be used for Automotive, Marine, Electrical, Plumbing, Sealing, Insulating and General Purpose applications. It seals wet or dry leaks, insulates 8,000 volts (per unstretched layer and functions at -60 degree F to +500 degree F. The flexible material stretches around uneven shapes. By wrapping the tape around electrical connections you can ensure airtight weather and waterproofing. If your water pipe or garden hose springs a leak you can quickly seal the hoses and pipes until replacements can be made.

  • Size: 1" x 10'
  • Color: Black
  • Self-fusing, waterproof & airtight seal
  • Insulates 8000 volts (per unstretched layer)
  • Functions 60° F to +500°F
  • Seals wet or dry leaks
  • No sticky residue
  • UV resistant
  • Permanent
  • Flexible
  • E-Z Fuse Tape has earned the Handyman Club of America Member Tested & Recommended Seal of Approval.

Works Best On

  • Bicycle & wheelchair handle wraps
  • Boat rigging
  • Bundling wires
  • Emergency o-rings
  • Emergency radiator hose repair
  • Fittings & hose seal
  • Plumbing repair
  • Rope ends
  • Sport & tool handles
  • Water hose & pipe repair
  • Weatherproofing electrical connections.

Application Instructions

  • Hold E-Z Fuse Tape in position and apply a complete wrap back onto itself. This initial wrap secures the tape for additional wraps
  • Maintain a constant stretch as you continue to wrap, making sure each new layer “half laps” onto the previous layer. These overlaps will fuse together
  • Be certain the end of the final wrap is pressed down onto prior wraps. Use less stretch on the final wrap. If applying multiple pieces of tape, always start the end of each new piece in contact with a prior wrap
  • For pressure applications, stretch E-Z Fuse Tape to the maximum and apply several tight layers. Non-pressure applications require only a minor stretch and one layer.

Additional Info

  • E-Z Fuse Tape is a versatile, easy-to-use product. Designed to adhere to itself this product leaves NO residue when removed. The bond is permanent, waterproof, airtight, non-conductive, insulating, and resists weathering, salt water, and UV Rays! Boating enthusiasts will definitely want to keep E-Z tape handy for boat riggings and rope ends. Plumbing issues and emergency O-Rings and Seals are wrapped up quickly and efficiently with this tape. It will seal wet or dry leaks. The tape resists damage from salt water, fresh water and even UV rays!


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