Rubbermaid® 7F52-RE-TCHIL TakeAlongs® Round Food Container, 3.2 Cup, 4-Piece


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SKU: 10644661


With the Quik Clik Seal™, TakeAlongs® lids click into place letting you know when contents are secured. The lids have ridges for easy stacking, and the bases have graduation marks for handy measuring. Safe to use in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher, the TakeAlongs® lid design allows you to worry about one less thing. If you hear the click, you know your seal is secure.

  • 4 Piece
  • Capacity: 3.2 Cup
  • Shape: Round
  • Clear base with Racer Red lid
  • Quik Clik Seal™: Improved lid clicks in place, ensuring contents are secure
  • Soft lid grips container tightly for great seal, yet is easy to open
  • Double seal keeps food in the container and helps prevent spills
  • Large tab makes the container easier to grip when opening
  • Microwave reheatable, top rack dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Frost base, tinted lid.

Care and Use

To keep your new containers performing at their best, please read the following:

  • Remove label and wash before use.
  • Use care when handling a container with hot contents or after reheating in the microwave.
  • Reheating implies the maximum short term (less than 30 seconds) service temperature of a Rubbermaid container is 212°F followed by a cool down period. Maintaining temperatures at 212°F or higher is considered cooking, and is outside the intended use of these products.
  • Made of microwave safe materials that can be used to reheat precooked foods to the proper recommended temperature. These containers are not intended for cooking.
  • To avoid severe damage to the container, do not reheat food high in salt, oil, fat or sugar.
  • Reheating and/or melting butter or foods with high sugar content (i.e. chocolate, candies, jelly, syrup) could lead to severe damage and potentially melt the container.
  • Follow your microwave manufacturer's recommendation when defrosting or reheating foods.
  • Excessive reheating time in the microwave may damage the container. Remove lid to allow steam to vent when microwaving (to prevent splattering, lid may be loosely placed on top and rotated 1/4 turn). Sealing plastic lids (or just pulling up the corners) while heating may create extra pressure causing the lid to warp or create excessive steam build up.
  • If plastic wrap is used to cover the container during microwave use, be sure to vent plastic wrap to allow steam to escape. Sealing plastic wrap may create excessive steam build up.
  • These containers may stain when reheating foods containing tomato based products or curry seasoned with the herb turmeric. For improved stain resistance, try Rubbermaid® Premier™.
  • Do not use in a conventional oven, convection oven, under browning elements or on stovetop.
  • This item is made of materials that are safe for normal household dishwashers. Be sure that the item is secured so that it does not come in contact with the dishwasher element to avoid melting.
  • This item is made of materials that are safe for freezer use. Please note that plastics are less flexible when cold or frozen and may break if dropped. Also note that water expands when frozen, so when filled to capacity the container could expand and crack.
  • Do not use utensils with sharp edges (i.e. knives) in the container, as they could scratch or scuff the container surface.