Permatex® 09103 Windshield Repair Kit


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SKU: 10410913
MFG: 09103


Permatex® Windshield Repair Kit makes permanent air-tight repairs on most types of damaged laminated windshield glass, including bullseye's and star damage up to 1-1/4", in just a few minutes. This state-of-the-art delivery system with advanced spring-lock feature, allows you to make professional-quality repairs with no mixing required and it cures by natural daylight. This complete kit provides everything needed for the repair including easy-to-follow instructions with photographs.

  • Easy to use
  • Everything required for repair is included
  • Easy to follow step by step instructions
  • Fast curing
  • Makes repairs to most types of damaged laminated windshield glass, including bullseyes and star damage in just a few minutes
  • This complete kit provides everything needed for the repair
  • No mixing is required and it cures by natural daylight.

Typical Applications:

  • Repairs bullseyes and star damage up to 1.25" in diameter on laminated automotive windshields.

Directions For Use:

For Bullseye and Star Damage up to 1.25" in diameter. Perform repairs in a shaded area with the windshield temperatures between 50-degree Fahrenheit and 75-degree Fahrenheit.

CAUTION: Do not allow the resin in the syringe to come into contact with the car's finish as this may cause damage.

  • Clean out any loose glass particles from PIT (hole caused by striking object) of the break using push pin provided. Clean the area surrounding the break using a dry cloth or paper towel.
  • Peel backing off one side of adhesive seal. Line up hole in seal with PIT (tab pointing upward). Press seal to glass. Run fingers around seal to insure a tight bond.
  • Peel backing from TOP side of adhesive.
  • Line up the pedestal with the adhesive seal making sure tabs match up. Press the pedestal to seal. Run fingers around pedestal to insure a tight bond.
  • Cut tip off resin container (about 1/8 inch) to open stem. Place stem 1/4 inch into pedestal opening. Slowly squeeze resin tube, releasing resin into the pedestal. Continue squeezing resin tube and remove from pedestal. Wipe any excess resin from tip with cloth and save empty container for Step 10.
  • Press fit injector into pedestal. Insure that the connection is tight.
  • Hold injector in one hand, pull plunger upward with the other hand. Lock plunger by ENGAGING LOWER notch in plunger with spring clip. Release hands and allow devise to remain in locked position. LET SIT FOR 10 MINUTES then proceed to Step 8.
  • Remove injector form pedestal momentarily (to let air in). Replace injector as in Step 6. DEPRESS plunger downward and ENGAGE UPPER notch with spring clip. LET SIT FOR A MINIMUM OF 20 MINUTES then proceed to Step 9.
  • Remove injector and discard. Loosen the outer edges of pedestal with safety razor. Once top part of pedestal and seal is bent away from the glass, grip the pedestal tab and SLOWLY pull tab away. Wipe and remove excess resin.
  • Hold resin container in one hand and make ready the clear yellow curing film in the other hand. Slowly squeeze the resin container applying a drop of resin into the PIT. Place the clear yellow curing film over the PIT holding resin in the PIT.
  • Run safety razor lightly over the clear yellow film to vent out any air bubbles. NOTE: Ultra violet sun rays cure the resin. Park vehicle in direct sunlight for 15 minutes. (On hazy days, park vehicle outside for a minimum of 1 hour).
  • Once resin has cured, carefully remove curing strip by peeling it away from windshield.

Finishing Tips:

  • If the surface of the glass is uneven, the safety razor provided may be used to remove any excess cured resin from windshield. Clean windshield with glass cleaner or alcohol swab.

For Cleanup

  1. Wipe up any excess resin with a clean cloth or paper towel.
  2. Cured resin must be scraped off windshield with safety razor.
  3. Clean hands with Fast Orange® hand cleaner.


  • This product is not recommended for repairing linear windshield cracks.
  • This product is not recommended for use in pure oxygen and/or oxygen rich systems and should not be selected for use with chlorine or other strong oxidizing materials.