Perky-Pet 203CPBR Pinch-Waist Red Glass Hummingbird Feeder, 8 Oz


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Bring bold color and convenient design to your backyard bird-feeding routine with the Perky-Pet Pinch-Waist Red Glass Hummingbird Feeder. Offering the classic silhouette you know and love, this 8 oz feeder now features a bright red bottle, cap, and base to capture the attention of hummers from near and far. The wide-mouth bottle, simple disassembly, and insect defenses all combine to make this our most convenient feeder for birders of any experience level. Find the best seat in your house now, because hummingbirds are sure to be on their way!

  • Capacity: 8 Oz
  • Easy-to-fill and clean wide-mouth opening
  • Translucent red glass bottle attracts hummingbirds
  • Four flower-shaped feeding ports with removable perches
  • Protect nectar with built-in ant moat and bee guards
  • Feeder base comes apart for easy cleaning
  • 4 feeding ports with built-in bee guards
  • Design to your backyard bird-feeding routine with the Perky-Pet Pinch-Waist Red Glass Hummingbird Feeder.

Best Used For

  • Anna's Hummingbird
  • Calliope Hummingbird
  • Rufous Hummingbird
  • Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

Translucent Red, Wide-Mouth Bottle for Easy Filling

  • Filling your feeder doesn’t have to be messy and frustrating. That’s why we’ve designed the Perky-Pet Pinch-Waist Red Glass Hummingbird Feeder with a convenient wide-mouth bottle. It makes filling easier, resulting in fewer spills as you pour nectar. Plus, the bottle is made of translucent red glass so you can effortlessly monitor nectar levels.

Keeps Insects Out

  • Provide an effective line of defense against unwanted insects with our built-in bee guards and ant moat. These features combine to protect your nectar so it’s reserved just for your hungry hummers. To keep ants away, simply fill the top of the lid with water.

Accommodates Multiple Birds

  • The Perky-Pet Pinch-Waist Red Glass Hummingbird Feeder boasts four ports with perches. The vibrant red color and flower-shaped ports are perfect for attracting hummers, while the number of ports ensures there’s enough room for multiple birds to dine simultaneously.

Comes Apart for Thorough Cleaning

  • Hummingbirds prefer to visit fresh, clean feeding stations. To make that easier, this feeder disassembles completely for effortless cleaning. Remove the ant moat, base and bottle with ease – even the built-in bee guards come apart! In addition, the wide-mouth design allows you to access hard-to-reach spots of the bottle. Remember to clean your feeder at least once per week with a mild soap and water solution to prevent mildew buildup.