Nifty® ST-21 Flat Twine® Cast Stretch Film with Dispenser, 2" x 650'


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SKU: 10015246
MFG: ST-21


Nifty® Flat Twine® makes life simple! Whether planning a move across the country or across town...preparing your seasonal decorations or furniture for storage...packing up for a camping trip or sporting up your yard...or just wrapping up the newspapers for recycling...Flat Twine® does the job. This specialty cast stretch film is quiet, no neck down. No unwind or friction on hand during application. Self-adhesive, no sticky residue. Handle allows for control over tensioning and stretch. 300% elongation and skin tight hold. Easy application and cut-off. Replaces stretch film, tape, strapping, twine, and boxes. Ideal for bundling, wrapping, compacting, unitizing, moving and storage, handling and protection. Insect, dust, rodent, weather resistant.

  • Size: 2" x 650'
  • Color: Clear
  • Patented dispenser on every roll
  • Sticks only to itself - no sticky adhesive or residue
  • Roll literature - highlights benefits and applications
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Trilingual packaging
  • Ties tighter than twine, tape, string
  • Stretchability - 300% (1 small roll equals 3 large rolls of duct tape)
  • No knot, no tying - one hand application
  • Does not mar surface - no sticky residue
  • Squeeze and rub against itself to cut-off - no knife or scissors
  • Endless applications - tie, wrap, bundle, compact
  • "Grows" with plants to prevent scarring
  • Convenient size for tool box, suitcase, home storage, back pocket.



  • RECYCLING newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes
  • STORAGE: wrap anything for storage making it tight, dust and pest resistant, easy on, no surface marring - books, boxes, sports and camping equipment, rugs, screens, pictures, lawn chairs and cushions.

School and Craft Projects

  • HOME OFFICE - bundle mail, boxes, computer paper
  • HOLIDAY CLEAN-UP and STORAGE - bundle wrapping paper, tie up Christmas lights, extension cords, decorations; bundle Christmas tree branches for easy storage or removal


  • PORTABLE VISE (hold glued objects together while drying)
  • BUNDLE extension cords, hoses, tubes, or bundle tools
  • WRAP together molding or pipes

Lawn and Garden

  • BUNDLE yard waste (twigs and sticks)
  • STAKE woody plants for growth or grafting
  • BUNDLE tools, hoses, plant stakes
  • WRAP trees for transport or disposal
  • HOLD limbs without cutting into bark
  • WRAP root bags to prevent spillage or breakage.

Storage and Moving

  • Replaces tape, twine and string for bundling, wrapping, compacting, and packing.
  • For storage in your attic, basement, workshop, or shed
  • Make any move go smooth
  • Protects against dust, insects, rust and scratches - no adhesive residue

Sports and Recreation

  • Bundle, wrap, and compact sports and camping equipment for easy carrying, transport or storage
  • Keep all your gear together - easier to carry and keeps everything clean and organized
  • Skiing, fishing, canoeing, hunting, hiking, and any sport with multiple pieces of equipment

...and much more

  • Bundle sticks, newspapers, cardboard and more for easy disposal or recycling - easier and tighter hold than string or twine
  • Pack and store lawn and garden equipment - hoses, cushions for lawn furniture, patio umbrellas, bird seed, and much more
  • Great for woodworking and other craft projects - a portable vise that can clamp and hold hard to handle projects

Directions for Use:

  • Hold handle loosely in hand unwinding Flat Twine® from the bottom of the roll.
  • To start, anchor the Flat Twine to the item being wrapped by holding the end with your thumb until the first overlap is complete or, by tucking the end between two items being wrapped and then overlapping.
  • Continue wrapping around item/s - the more layers, the more secure.
  • For tensioning and/or a tighter hold, grasp handle firmly and pull the film as you wrap - essentially "stretching" it.
  • To break off, hold the handle tightly on the final wrap, stretch the Flat Twine on the final wrap stopping on an edge or corner. Holding the handle firmly, twist your hand in one quick, smooth motion while holding the roll against the wrappings.