Monterey LG6294 Ready To Spray Horticultural Oil, 32 Oz


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SKU: 11490931
MFG: LG6294


This insecticide’s mode of action is through suffocation of eggs, larvae and nymphs of insects and mites and adults of soft-bodied insects. This mode of action necessitates total spray coverage. As a fungicide this product interferes with the attachment of the pathogen to the host and acts as a suffocant. This product may be used to control mite and insect pests in the egg stage, including: spider mites, eriophyid mites, armored scale, soft scale, mealybugs, psyllids, whiteflies, aphids, leafrollers, leaftiers, webworms, cankerworms, plant bugs, leafhoppers and adelgids. This product will kill other immature forms if spray covers the insect. See APPLICATION RATES tables for species claimed to be controlled on specific types of plants.

  • Size: 32 oz
  • Ready to spray
  • For use on ornamentals, roses, vegetables, citrus, small fruits, tree fruits and nuts
  • Controls aphids, mites, scales, whiteflies and other soft-bodied insects
  • Year-round usage — dormant and growing season
  • For use only in home fruit and vegetable gardens, home greenhouses, interior plantscapes & ornamental gardens
  • Effective as a dormant spray as well as during the hot summer months with no temperature restrictions
  • Can be mixed with a copper spray like liqui-cop for a good dormant spray
  • Made in the USA.

Active Ingredient:

  • Mineral Oil* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .80.0%
  • Other Ingredients: . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . 20.0%
  • Total: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100.0%

Use Precautions:

  • All horticultural oils interfere with or slow plant transpiration and respiration during periods of evaporation. DO NOT apply during periods of drought or when plants exhibit moisture stress.

Timing The Treatment:

  • You must determine the precise timing to fit local growth and climatic conditions. This product can be applied up to day of harvest.

Mixing Directions:

  • This product mixes readily with water. A pump up sprayer or trigger sprayer may be used. If this product comes packaged in a ready-to-spray container, see the “Ready-To-Spray Container Directions” below. CAUTION: The ready-to-use sprayer is for outdoor uses only


What is Monterey Horticultural Oil?

  • It is a uniquely formulated paraffinic horticultural oil designed for both dormant & summer usages. It controls insects by suffocation rather than poisoning them.

I thought oils could only be used in the winter because they will burn the plant?

  • No longer true! Today's horticultural oils are specially formulated to be used during the summer months without causing burn.

How does Monterey Horticultural Oil differ from the other oils that are available to the homeowner?

  • Most products of the past have been dormant oils. These are used on dormant trees to control eggs from mites, aphids, etc. The newer horticultural oils can be used year round. Monterey Horticultural Oil differs from these in that it is 80% oil & 20% surfactant. It looks like a thick cream in the container. The other horticultural oils are usually made up on 98% oil & 2% surfactant. The advantage of Monterey Horticultural Oil is with the 20% surfactant system. It is safer on the plant, does a better job of controlling insects, and stays mixed while you are spraying.

What else is unique about Monterey Horticultural Oil?

  • Oils are rated by their distillation range, which is the temperature range in °F used in refining the product. This process affects the weight of the oil. For example: kerosene is a lighter oil than motor oil. Insecticidal oils have a distillation range of 415°-465° F. When distilled under 415° F, there is very poor insect control. Distillation above 465° F results in very high plant toxicity. Monterey Horticultural Oil is right in the middle of the range at 435° F. It is also micronized in the manufacturing process. Regular horticultural oils have a micron size of 700. Monterey Horticultural Oil is sheared to 50 microns (the smaller the number, the finer the particle size), which results in better plant coverage.

How does Monterey Horticultural Oil work?

  • It controls the insect by suffocation. It will kill eggs, larvae & adult insects. However, you must physically spray the insect in order for it to be effective.

I use beneficial insects. Can I still use Monterey Horticultural Oil for insect control?

  • Yes, most beneficial insects are highly mobile. They will generally leave when you start to spray, then return later. Because they must be physically covered to be killed, they are not harmed.

Will insects develop resistance to Monterey Horticultural Oil?

  • No. Monterey Horticultural Oil is not a poisonous material. Insects do not eat it. It is a physical control that kills by suffocation. Therefore, insects do not develop resistance.

What types of insects does Monterey Horticultural Oil control?

  • It is very effective on aphids, whiteflies, mites, mealy bugs, scales, etc. It gives poor control for caterpillars & worms. However, it does a very good job on the eggs of all insects.

Does Monterey Horticultural Oil give residual control?

  • No. It only kills pests that are present when you spray. It does kill the insect eggs, however, so there is some residual control in that respect.

What can I use Monterey Horticultural Oil on?

  • All ornamentals, vegetables, herbs, fruit tree, nut & vine crops.


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