Miracle-Gro 70951120 Nature's Care Really Good Compost, 1 Cu Ft


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Some things only get better with age, and that's what makes Nature's Care® Really Good Compost™ really super good. Immature compost, such as raw yard waste, can be greedy - competing with your plants for nutrients, but because Nature's Care® Really Good Compost™ is all grown up, it provides the stability your plants need, and is less likely to pick fights over nutrients. Since it's high in organic matter, it helps support all sorts of friendly microorganisms too - and your garden gets the structure it needs to be beautiful. Time to get Really Good and Grow!

  • 1 cuft
  • High in organic matter, helping to support all sorts of friendly microorganisms
  • Improves soil texture and moisture retention
  • Provides the stability your plants need and is less likely than immature compost to pick fights over nutrients
  • Can also be used as a top dressing or as mulch around flowers, trees and shrubs
  • Thoughtfully selected and aged for your garden's organic matter enrichment

How to Use

  1. Mix it up (3" of Garden soil with native soil)
  2. Plant away
  3. Water Time

To help your plants get the most out of Nature's Care® Really Good Compost™, their roots need the room to spread out and grow. For every 6" of native soil, thoroughly mix in 3" of Nature's Care® Really Good Compost™.

Where to Use

  • Can be used to amend soil in-ground or in raised beds.

Kids and Pets

  • If you're making this a family affair, kids need grown-up supervision.

Our Environment

  • Our commitment to Sustainability: Did you know that you're partnering with us in one of the world's largest recycling efforts? Each year, we beneficially reuse millions of pounds of material from yards, farms, and forests in our Nature's Care® soils, potting mixes and natural plant foods, to help you grow plants that enhance your environment and make the world more beautiful.

Special Instructions

  • Using With Other Products: For best results, you'll want to give your plants some extra love with your favorite Nature's Care® plant food Associated Plants
  • For fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, and shrubs.