Jump Start® MTPRTC Digital Temperature Controller, 8.3A, 1000W


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Select and maintain optimum rooting temperatures for faster seedling or cutting growth. For use with jump start and all seedling heat mats and hydroponic reservoirs. Includes temperature probe. Heat mat thermostat is digital for greater accuracy.

  • Water resistant stainless steel temperature probe
  • Digital temperature controller for heat mats
  • Provides constant optimum temperatures for specific crops
  • Controls temperature in colder or warmer environments
  • LED mode indicator lights; 3-prong grounded plug
  • Compatible with all heat mats
  • Controllable range from 68 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit read-out (press Up or Down button to change)
  • Max current: 8.3 amps / 1000 watts


  • Rated Wattage: 1000
  • Voltage: 120
  • Rated Amperage: 8.3


Can the digital heat mat thermostat adjust its setpoints above or below the factory programmed 68 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit?

  • You cannot adjust above or below these setpoints.

Will the digital heat mat thermostat work on a modified sine wave inverter?

  • No, doing so will damage the thermostat and disrupt temperature control of the heat mat.

How can I change the Fahrenheit / Celsius setting on the MTPRTC heat mat thermostat?

  • If the unit is on Celsius and you want to change to Fahrenheit press and hold the down arrow for 3 seconds. If the unit is on Fahrenheit and you want to change to Celsius press and hold the up arrow for 3 seconds.

Can you plug more than one heat mat into a temp controller?

  • Yes, it is possible with a power strip but there is only one temperature sensor probe for the thermostat. The additional heat mats will not function independently, they will either all be on/off depending on the temperature at the sensor probe.

What happens to the setting on my MTPRTC if the power goes out?

  • The MTPRTC will remember its setting if power is lost. If the unit is reset for some reason, the default setting is 80F.

What do the error codes mean on my Heat Mat Thermostat?

  • E1: temperature is below the low limit. Or the temperature sensor has an open circuit. E2: the temperature sensor has a short circuit. E3: temperature is above the high limit. To reset the MTPRTC: Unplug the unit and then while pressing the set button, plug the unit back in.


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