Hurricane Spin Broom 11796-6 Cordless Lightweight Spinning Broom,As Seen On TV


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SKU: 11734116
MFG: 11796-6


Hurricane Spin Broom is a cordless sweeper that lets you clean your home with ease. Utilizing triple brush technology, Spin Broom eats up messes. Its rotating bristles clean like a street sweeper. Pick up dirt, cereal, chips, pet hair, and more! This floor sweeper does not use cords, batteries, or bags. A large capacity one-touch bin collects dirt and debris. When you're ready to empty it, just press the button. You'll never have to touch the mess. Hurricane Spin Broom works great on hard surfaces like wood, tile, laminate, and more. It even picks up debris in grout lines. This cordless sweeper weighs only 1.5 pounds, making it super light. Stop cleaning the hard way. Let Hurricane Spin Broom clean your mess for you. To ensure Hurricane Spin Broom functions correctly, move Spin Broom across your hard surface in a forward motion with a slight downward force. Hurricane Spin Broom will not pick up debris using a back and forth motion.

  • Works great on most floor types like tile, wood, ceramic, laminate and more
  • No batteries, no cords, no bags needed
  • Large capacity one-touch bin empties in seconds
  • Triple Brush Technology rotate bristles like a street sweeper
  • Picks up dirt, cereal, chips, pet hair, and more
  • Gets deeps into grout lines
  • Cleans wet and dry messes.

Hurricane Spin Broom the cordless, lightweight, spinning broom that cleans up every mess with ease! From the Makers of the Hurricane Spin Mop, the spin broom's secret is the triple brush technology that rotates with cyclonic action, pulling in everything in its path! Simply roll over the mess! Just one pass picks up any mess with ease.

Weighing less than two pounds, it stores anywhere and the no-touch, large capacity bin is built-in and empties in seconds. And, it's easy to store with a convenient hole at the top of the handle. Handle is 38.5" long. Broom head is 12" across.

Hurricane Spin Brooms revolutionary swivel steering gives you incredible maneuverability, and the bristles can reach outside of the sweeper, a must for cleaning against your baseboards. Easily cleans wet or dry messes. Hurricane Spin Broom as seen on TV is perfect for hard woods, laminates and even tiles, the bristles get deep into the grout lines.

Cleans up wet or dry messes quickly and easily!

  • No Batteries, Cords or Bags
  • No-touch, large-capacity bin empties in seconds
  • Triple-Brush Technology Cleans with Ease.


Do I Have To Assemble The Hurricane Spin Broom?

  • Light assembly is required. The pole portion of the unit needs to be assembled.

Can I Move Hurricane Spin Broom Forward and Backward?

  • Hurricane Spin Broom only moves forward. Because of the triple brush design, the unit will not work with backward motion.

Help! I'm Pushing My Spin Broom Forward, But It Isn't Picking Anything Up!

  • To use Hurricane Spin Broom, move in a forward motion only with a slight downward force.

Can Hurricane Spin Broom Be Used On Carpet?

  • No. Hurricane Spin Broom is not designed for carpet use.

I Just Spilled My Ashtray With Cigarettes All Over The Floor. Can Hurricane Spin Broom Help?

  • As long as the embers and cigarettes are completely out, it should work fine. Do not use Hurricane Spin Broom to pick up anything on fire, such as burning embers or cigarettes.

What Is The Brush Cleaning Tool For?

  • The brush cleaning tool is for maintaining and cleaning the bristles of the brushes on your Hurricane Spin Broom. It will remove any hair and debris that is stuck so you don't have to pick it out.


Hurricane Spin Broom