CowPots™ CP-3-SQ-12PK-12PKS Biodegradable Plant Pots, Square, 3", 12-Pack


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CowPots™ are 100% biodegradable, natural, sustainable, recycled and eliminate the need for plastic because it's the bio pot you plant! CowPots™ allow for unrestricted root growth, reduce transplant shock and break down within weeks of planting. With no plastic waste, transplanting is quick and convenient because it's the bio pot you plant. CowPots™ are a patented, environmentally friendly product made from the nutrient rich manure and exported to your garden. Plus the CowPots™ reduce the nutrient load on our farm and are 100% made in USA.

Farmers and gardeners have always considered cow manure a wholesome organic soil amendment for their gardens. The challenge was to find a new and better way to get manure to these gardens and be of true value to consumers. This is why CowPots™ were born. These pots can withstand months in the greenhouse, but within 4 weeks of being planted in the ground they dissolve and continue to feed the plant. The benefits in the production and use of CowPots™ are two-fold. This product helps farmers reduce the nutrient load on their farms which directly contributes to a better and cleaner environment and they have been proven to grow bigger, better plants for the consumers who have no plastic to discard and overload our landfills. Emblems of sound stewardship, CowPots™ are the ideal product for farmers, growers, gardeners - and for our planet.

  • 12 Pack
  • Size: 3"
  • #3 square
  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% renewable
  • Plantable pot made from composted manure
  • Attractive cow themed package.


  • Preferred for herbs, vegetables or other annuals intended for quick turn around from seeding to transplanting. The #3 square is great for step up transplants to larger planting containers or direct transplants to ground post frost.
  • This pot is particularly well suited for getting a jump start on cucurbits. Many competitive giant pumpkin growers discovered our pots to give them the leading advantage!

Shelf life:

  • Once planted, the #3 square stays intact for up to 3 months in a greenhouse setting.
  • If not planted and kept in a cool dry location, shelf life is indefinite (a dry location is critical).

Environmental Benefits:

Why use wasteful plastic pots or fiber pots that simply don't break down when you can use a CowPot?

  • The manure we use to make CowPots™ is a renewable resource, unlike peat mined from bog eco-systems or plastic made from fossil fuels. When deciding between CowPots™ vs. peat pots, our main ingredient, manure is 100% renewable AND recycled because we use it first to capture methane which we burn as biogas to heat our farm buildings.
  • In making CowPots™, we extract green-energy from the manufacturing process, reducing our carbon footprint.
  • By collecting and using manure to create a truly "green" product, CowPots™ - and your use of them - help farmers preserve clean, open spaces.

Plant Benefits:

CowPots™ give seedlings a better beginning.

  • Tender, young roots easily penetrate the sides and bottoms of CowPots™, growing freely. This allows for air pruning and formation of root buds. Secondary root development throughout the pot grow into dense, healthy root systems recognized as critical to growing healthy plants.
  • CowPots™ stay intact for up to 12 weeks - plenty of time to give seedlings a robust start.
  • The "pots you plant" - no crushing or tearing of pot wall needed. Place the planted CowPot in the ground. Plants suffer no transplant shock, and establish themselves immediately.
  • Planted CowPots™ break down fast underground because of the nitrogen in composted cow manure. Within 3 to 4 weeks decomposition is well underway. In studies comparing biocontainers, CowPots™ vs. peat pots, CowPots™ degraded 88% compared to competing containers. Read more about this study.
  • CowPots™ have been rigorously tested and validated by numerous universities and many independent nursery partners. Testing has revealed that starting plants in CowPots™ can help shorten the growing cycle and increase fruit set by up to 10%!

People Benefits:

It doesn't even stink a little - Mike Rowe, TV Show host of Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs

  • Now you can start your seeds indoors, whether it be your kitchen window or a greenhouse shelf, using the natural benefits of manure without the smell!
  • Labor savings! When it's time for transplanting, it couldn't be easier. Place the CowPot and plant right in the ground, no ripping or tearing and plants keep on growing. This is a main difference of growing in CowPots™ vs. peat pots, which encourage you to remove the pot's bottom and slit the sides. That's not necessary in a CowPot!
  • We make CowPots™ on our dairy farm in Connecticut. Purchasing CowPots™ supports American agriculture and American jobs while maintaining open spaces and improving our environment.
  • Part of the joy of having your own garden is growing your own fresh vegetables. They taste fantastic and beat anything from the supermarket.
  • CowPots™ are perfect for starting flowering annuals…Part of the secret to growing happy plants is giving them their best possible start.

Directions for Seed Starting & Transplanting Seedlings:

Sow or Transplant

Fill CowPots™ with your preferred potting soil mix and plant seeds (according to directions on seed packet) or transplant seedling.

  • Make sure to use the appropriate size CowPot when planting.

Place planted CowPots™ in your preferred tray (if desired-fitted trays are listed with pot sizes).

  • In addition to standard trays and carriers, self watering trays and bottom watering are suitable for use with CowPots™, must be managed so as not to over water.


Water and fertilize as needed.

  • Manure naturally retains moisture - make sure not to over water.
  • Give the pot time to harden between watering. (prevents over watering and deters spores in the air from attaching themselves to the porous CowPots™)
  • If possible leave space between pots for maximum air circulation (improves pot performance and plant health).
  • Allow pot to dry before handling (CowPots™ are fragile when wet).


When seedlings are ready for planting, simply place CowPots™ into soil and water.

  • Pick up plant by stem base for easiest handling.
  • Do not break up the CowPot (Roots are waiting for contact with soil to continue to grow, breaking the pot will damage the roots creating transplant shock).
  • Plant entire CowPot and cover completely with soil. CowPots™ are a 100% biodegradable pot and will decompose within one growing season.


CowPots™ last for months above ground and once transplanted under garden soil, the pots biodegrade and enhance your garden soil.

  • Roots penetrate the CowPot wall, eliminating transplant shock.
  • Unrestricted root growth ensures a healthier, stronger plant.


What kind of soil should I put in my CowPots™?

  • CowPots™ do not require a specific type of potting soil. Make sure it is good quality, sterile potting soil for seed starting.

How should I handle my plants in CowPots™?

  • When plants become established in the CowPot you can lift plant at the base of the stalk. This method is easy and efficient and minimizes root stress and possible damage to the CowPot.

How can I tell if I'm properly watering my seedlings?

  • You can tell by color and touch. When pot walls are dark brown and moist to the touch, they do not need to be watered. When light brown and dry, it's time to water again.

Are CowPots™ Organic?

  • The title, "USDA Certified Organic" is used exclusively for end products, i.e. produce, crops and livestock. Specific growing materials (i.e. CowPots™) can only be designated as 'approved for use' in organic production.
  • The USDA has regulations and a list of qualified materials that organic producers and their certifiers use to determine what products can and cannot be used in organic production.
  • Individual certifiers consult this resource when reviewing products (like CowPots™) to determine if the materials conform to the USDA's regulations.
  • Contact your state certifier directly to request a review of CowPots™ for your farm. They will then contact our office to evaluate CowPots™ for use in your organic program.

Should I use fertilizer in my CowPots™?

  • Yes. CowPots™ do not take the place of fertilizer. Use your normal feeding protocol with the fertilizer of your choice.

How long should it take for my CowPots™ to decompose after planting into the ground?

  • CowPots™ will begin to biodegrade within weeks of transplanting. As long as they are completely buried at planting, they should be entirely broken down by the end of the growing season.

My in-ground planted CowPots™ are not breaking down completely. What am I doing wrong?

  • Factors that affect decomposition can include soil type, soil bioactivity and water rates. Sandy soils and soils with few microorganisms typically display slower rates of decomposition in CowPots™. Roots can still grow through the pot walls even if they do not rapidly decompose.

Do I need to rip, tear or crush the CowPot before planting in the ground?

  • Definitely NO. Growing in CowPots™ eliminates transplant shock because when it's time to transplant, no need to rip or tear the pot. Porous pot walls allow for continued root growth.

How long will my planted CowPot last in a greenhouse setting?

  • With some variation depending on size, shelf life once planted is approx. 12 weeks. After that time, pot walls may become weak.

How long can I store unused CowPots™?

  • If kept dry, indefinitely.