Clorox® 00228 Liquid-Plumr Professional Strength Drain Opener, 80 Oz


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SKU: 10626427
MFG: 00228


This clog destroyer uses a specially formulated gel to unclog stubborn drains. Our thick, powerful gel won’t dilute as it cuts through standing water to attack built-up hair, gunk, grease and soap scum.

  • 80 Oz
  • safe for all septic systems and pipes, including PVC, plastic, copper, and old pipes
  • Recommended uses: Standing-water clogs.

Usage Directions:

  • Pour. Slowly pour 1/5 of the bottle (2 cups) down the drain. For the toughest clogs, use 1/2 of the bottle.
  • Wait. Allow it to work for 15 minutes. In cases of standing water, wait until drain is clear.
  • Rinse. Flush with hot tap water.


  • Keep out of reach of children. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid splashing. Injures eyes, skin and mucous membranes on contact. Do not use with ammonia, toilet bowl cleaners or non–liquid-plumr clog removers, as splashing or the release of hazardous gases may occur. Clean up any spillage immediately.


What should be done if my problem gets worse after using this product?

  • This may happen when a partially dissolved clog gets lodged further down the pipe. We recommend trying another dose of this product. However, if the problem continues to persist, you should call a plumber as there are some plumbing situations that even liquid-plumr can not fix.

How long should i wait before flushing the drain with water?

  • Wait at least 15 minutes after pouring this product down the drain before flushing with water. If you have an especially difficult clog, you can safely let the product sit overnight.

How much of this product should i use per occasion?

  • For best results, we recommend using 1/2 of our 32-ounce bottle or 1/5 of our 80-ounce bottle for every clog problem.

Will this product improve a slow drain?

  • Yes. Although this product is formulated to work very effectively through standing water, it may be used on clogs that have resulted in a slow-running drain.

Is this product’s packaging recyclable?

  • Yes. After pouring the entire bottle into your drain, rinse the bottle and then recycle.

Can i use this product in a drain that contains standing water?

  • Yes. This product is designed to pour through standing water. It is formulated to clear the full clogs that cause water to stop draining.

Can i use this product to keep my drain from clogging?

  • Yes. This product is very effective on full clogs and slow flow drains, and can be used regularly to keep your pipes flowing freely.

How often can i use this product?

  • Use this product whenever water stops flowing into your drain, which is characterized by standing water. You may also use it whenever you notice a slow running drain.

Can i use this liquid-plumr® product in my garbage disposal?

  • Yes. This product is safe to use in your garbage disposal. When using this product in a drain that contains a garbage disposal, simply follow normal directions for use and flush the product with the disposal running.

What ingredients are in this product?

  • Ingredients include sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, biodegradable surfactant, and sodium silicate (corrosion inhibitor). Contains no phosphorus.

Is it safe to mix liquid-plumr® products with any other product?

  • No. Do not use liquid-plumr® products with ammonia, toilet bowl cleaners or other non–liquid-plumr® clog removers, as splashing or the release of hazardous gases may occur. We do not recommend using liquid-plumr® products with non–liquid-plumr® products. It is safe to use any liquid-plumr® product in the same drain.

What should i do if i come in contact with either the foam or the liquids in liquid-plumr® products?

  • If in eyes, flush immediately with water for 15 minutes. If wearing contact lenses, remove first. If on skin, wash immediately with water. If swallowed, drink a full glass of water. Do not induce vomiting. In all cases, call a doctor or poison control center immediately.