Bloem T6321 Ups-A-Daisy® Round Planter Insert, 11"


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SKU: 11382562
MFG: T6321


Discover how to have Healthier Plants, Bigger Blooms, Use Less Potting Soil, and Save Time and Money with Ups-A-Daisy® Planter Inserts! With these one-of-a-kind planter inserts; your potted plants and flowers are guaranteed to have healthier roots, produce bigger and more brilliant blooms, and grow faster than ever before! Gardeners are always telling us how they love this Incredibly Simple and Inexpensive Solution to a variety of their container gardening problems.

The Ups-A-Daisy® Planter Insert simply sets about halfway down into your container (for most plant varieties); raising the bottom of the container. This allows for proper drainage and essential oxygen to access plant roots. Most annual plants have a short root base requiring only 6"-8" of soil to thrive. If you give the roots too much room to roam, your plants may get long and leggy. But with less soil, the roots will be confined forcing nutrients back into your plants where they belong, producing healthier plants with bigger blooms while saving you time and money in the process!

  • Size: 11"
  • Shape: Round
  • Planter insert
  • Fit in your 13" - 15" planter to use less potting soil, which keeps the planter lighter
  • It helps promote healthier plants and provides proper drainage for your plants
  • No messy fillers needed
  • Provides proper drainage and oxygen for healthy growth
  • Durable construction
  • Made in USA.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces The Amount of Soil Needed:- Saves Time and Money - Pays For Itself after the First Use
  • Reduces Planter Weight:- Easier Moving Heavy Flower Pots
  • Allows Oxygen to Easily Access Plant Roots:- Healthier Plants, Better Growth, and Bigger and Brilliant Blooms
  • Provides Excellent Drainage:- Helps Prevent Damaging Root Rot
  • Extremely Durable Construction:- Re-Usable and Will Last Year After Year
  • No More Messy Fillers Needed (Styrofoam® packing peanuts, cans, rocks, etc.):- Amazingly Simple to Use and Clean without the Problems and Hassles of All Those Messy Fillers
  • Can be Used to Build Creative Water/Rock Gardens:- Add Beautiful Garden Water Features to Your Home ~ Indoors and Outdoors!
  • Can be Used to Easily Create Self-Watering Systems:- Grow Super Healthy Plants with a Lot Less Work!

How to Use:

  • Select a round tapered container.
  • Measure about half-way down into your container for most plant varieties; at that depth measure across the container to determine the width. This will be the insert size you will need.
  • Place the Ups-A-Daisy® insert into the container, label side up. It should fit securely about half-way down for most plant varieties and slightly deeper for tall or deep rooted plants.
    NOTE:Very little soil will fall through the larger holes. If you would like, you can put a sheet of newspaper, small rocks, or a flattened coffee filter over the holes.
  • Fill the container with potting soil to one inch below the rim.
  • Your container is now ready to plant.


How far should the Ups-A-Daisy® insert go down into my container?

  • You want the proper depth for the type of plants you are using. Annual plant varieties have a short root base and most require only 6" to 8" of soil. For those plants that have a deeper root base, such as some perrenial plant varieties, you need to give them more soil. Consult your local garden centers for further assistance.

Will my plants require more frequent watering?

  • No more than they did when you filled the container full with soil or the junk you found in your garage! We find that even though the Ups-A-Daisy® inserts have drainage holes; a layer of water will be held above the insert, called the "Sponge Effect", giving your plant roots access to water that would had settled in the bottom.

Will my container be too top-heavy?

  • When using taller plants, and especially in a windy location, you may want to place your Ups-A-Daisy® insert lower in the container or place a heavy item, such as a brick or stones in the bottom of the container to prevent the container from tipping over.

Can the Ups-A-Daisy® be used for other applications?

  • Absolutely! You can create a container water garden! they can be used indoors to re-pot your tropical plants or to act as a ledge in your favorite container to set your plants on. They’re also being used by crafters to create floral arrangements.

Does the Ups-A-Daisy® help to prevent root-rot?

  • It sure does. The biggest killer of plants is over-watering and a lack of proper drainage. The Ups-A-Daisy® insert provides excellent drainage.

Will the soil fall through the larger holes?

  • You will get some loss of soil when you first fill your container. However, it’s only a tiny amount. If you'd prefer, you can place a piece of newspaper or paper towel over the holes.

How long can I expect my Ups-A-Daisy® to last?

  • The Ups-A-Daisy® planter inserts are made from the same quality materials as your plastic containers. They’re light weight, sturdy, and re-usable. They should last for years!