Artscape® 02-3706 Bird's Eye View™ Deflector Window Film, Clear & Etched, 4" x 4"


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SKU: 11513620
MFG: 02-3706


Bird's Eye View™ is a thin, translucent window film with a unique, crystal-like geometric pattern. These films utilize UV reflective inks and a dichroic glass effect, making your window more visible to birds, therefore reducing window collisions. Protect wild birds from window strikes.

  • Size: 4" x 4"
  • Clear and etched bird deflector
  • Protects wild birds from window strikes
  • Easy to apply and remove, uses no adhesives
  • UV absorbing/reflective ink
  • Crystal-like geometric patterns
  • Dichroic glass effect
  • Breaks up the seamless reflection of habitat in windows.

Application Instructions:

Easy to Apply

  • Clean Glass: Thoroughly remove any dirt or debris from the window using a razor blade if necessary. Bird's Eye View™ film will adhere to a clean smooth glass surface. The product will not adhere to frosted or textured glass.
  • Place Tape: To help remove the clear backing on each square, use two pieces of tape and place near corner on opposite sides.
  • Remove Clear Backing: Pull evenly on tape to release the clear backing from the printed film squares.
  • Wet Glass: Add a couple drops of liquid soap to a spray bottle with warm water and wet window.
  • Place on Glass and Squeegee: For best results applying squares to the exterior of the window to maximize interrupting the reflection on the glass. Place in the center of the window 4" apart. Place smooth side of film against the glass (texture side out). Use a squeegee to press out air bubbles.

When applying to the glass, do not use any adhesives. Film will remain on the glass until removed.

To assure that product adheres to window:

  • Window must be completely clean.
  • Must be a cool (55-70 degree Fahrenheit), smooth surface with no texture of any kind.
  • Shiny side of Bird's Eye View™ squares must be against the glass.