3M LC-8S20C LeadCheck™ Swabs Instant Lead Test, 8-Pack


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3M™ LeadCheck™ Swabs Instantly detect lead on painted wood, metal, vinyl, plastic, children's toys & dust. Swabs show instant results. Non-toxic, easy to use, safe & disposable. LeadCheck swabs will work on any surface, instantly turning red when lead is present. 3M™ LeadCheck™ Swabs are odorless and non-staining. 3M™ LeadCheck™ Swabs provide instant lead-detection results for quick and accurate job pricing. In just seconds, you will know if lead-safe practices are required.

  • 8 Pack
  • Red Means Lead™
  • Provide an easy solution for lead detection
  • Will work on any surface
  • Simple to use: just crush, shake and swab
  • Detects lead on most surfaces within 30 seconds
  • Test confirmation card to verify results in every kit
  • Instantly turning red when lead is present
  • Easy to use, odorless, disposable, and non-staining.

Facts About Lead In The Home:

  • Over 38 million homes were built with lead-based paint prior to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission ban on lead use for residential purposes in 1977. Lead is most often transmited via dust particles, which can be invisible to the human eye. Lead can affect children's brain and nervous system development, causing reduced IQ, learning disbilities, and behavioral issues. Projects that disturb painted surfaces can create dust and endanger your famliy unless the proper safety precautions are taken.

Multiple Uses:

  • 3M™ LeadCheck™ Swabs are EPA recognized for use on wood, metal, drywall, and plaster. This means only one test is needed to reliably determine that regulated lead-based paint is not present on most surfaces. When lead is detected, 3M™ LeadCheck™ Swabs turn red. RED MEANS LEAD These tests are inexpensive and easy to use and results are obtained in approximately 30 seconds. The odorless and disposable swabs are simple to use: just crush, shake, and swab. Each kit contains test confirmation cards to verify individual test results. In just seconds, you will know if lead-safe practices are required. Test for lead on painted sufaces such as drywall, plaster, wood, metal, steel structures, vinyl, and other plastics.

Minimize Your Risk:

  • The DIYer should be aware of the major health issues resulting from lead exposure. Before starting your project, test for lead by using 3M™ LeadCheck™ Swabs. Next, minimize the inhalation of dust particles by using dust masks and respirators. This will safeguard your family from unsafe levels of lead accumulatiion. Finally, contain the dust to the work area, which is essential, along with a proper cleanup that will minimize airborne dust and keep your family healthy.

How Old Is Your Home?

  • If your home was built prior to the 1980's, it is vitally important to check for lead-based paint in your home. As apartments, towmhomes, and houses continue to age, there is an increased chance that lead-based paint will become dust particles
WARNING: Cancer - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


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