Handi-Shim HS1840WH Plastic Shim for Construction Applications, 1/8", 40-PC


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A new precise way of shimming, spacing, plumbing and leveling. Can be used in virtually every construction application. Be it your kitchen project or tile spacing, the Handi-Shims find multiple uses. Compression resistant re-usable material that will not rot. The World's best shim.

  • 40 each of 1/8" White
  • A new precise way of shimming, spacing, plumbing and leveling
  • Can be used in virtually every construction application & are easily removed for use over & over
  • Shims can be cut to fit
  • The World's best shim
  • Compression resistant re-usable material that will not rot
  • Countersunk holes for securing with screws or nails
  • Color: White.

Some of the many other uses for Handi-Shims include:

  • Spacing - Required for movement in plywood sheathing, Handi-Shims will help you achieve that required space. They can be placed on the floor to keep materials such as sheet rock, plywood, wood panels and concrete board from touching a damp floor. Installing a basement ceiling? Use a Handi-Shim to space pipes from ceiling joists while waiting for sheet rock to be installed at a later date.
  • Scribing - Can be done in confidence knowing your exact size Handi-Shim will always create a perfect scribe.
  • Leveling - When working with hinges, simply place a Handi-Shim under the door to give you the desired height, allowing you to cut in your hinges with ease. The 1/32" shim can also be used behind the hinges if needed.
  • Masonry - Handi-Shims can be used in the building of stone walls. By placing a shim between the stones as you construct the wall, it will aide in keeping the stones from pushing out the cement between the stones as more weight is applied. They can also be used for equal spacing of paving stones.

These are nearly a fraction of the uses tried and tested for the multi-versatile Handi-Shim. How will you use your Handi-Shims?

Additional Info:

  • After hearing many stories of the sometimes odd and ingenious methods used by tradesmen to shim, plumb, level and space, we realized there was a void that needed to be filled. Handi-Shim started when the founders had a vision of a product that would make life easier for the tradesmen.