Quarrix 58785 Rigid Roll Plus Shingle-Over Ridge Vent, 9" x 20'


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SKU: 11297842
MFG: 58785


Shingle-Over Rolled Ridge Vent provides continuous ventilation while keeping out nature's worst elements. Draws fresh air from soffit vents, exhausting hot, moist air through the ridge line to create a balanced ventilation system. Patented StormStop technology keeps out wind driven rain, snow, and dust without the need of a baffle. High-density polyethylene is virtually unbreakable; won't crack, curl, or expand. Gun nailable. Secure vent and cap shingle in 1 easy step with Quarrix's exclusive One Pass Installation.

  • 20' roll
  • 9" wide x 5/8" thick
  • Rigid roll plus
  • Shingle over ridge vent
  • Storm stop membrane keeps elements out of attic
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty by manufacturer.

Trimline Rigid Roll is the most tested and certified Ridge Vent on the market and provides superior ventilation, offering the most efficient way to achieve the industry-recommended balanced system. Trimline Ridge Vents provide continuous ventilation by exhausting hot, moist air from the attic while keeping out the most extreme weather elements like heavy rain, hail, sleet and snow.

Trimline Rigid Roll Plus Benefits:

  • Efficiently vents at the hottest point of the roof, the ridge line.
  • Releases damaging hot, moist attic air using the circulation created by a balanced system.
  • Made of HDPE Plastic, which withstands extreme temperatures and won't crack, dent or damage from hail or ice.
  • Continues to prevent water infiltration in the event of a shingle blow-off.
  • Rigorously tested in extreme weather conditions to ensure no moisture infiltration. Passed 8.8" of rain per hour at 110-MPH winds with no infiltration. Passed snow simulation at 70 MPH with no infiltration.
  • Additionally Trimline Ridge Vents have been airflow tested in dusty environments according to ICC standards with no reduction in airflow.

One-Pass Installation

Trimline Rigid Roll offers One-Pass Installation, securing cap shingles and vent with the same nail. To assure the fastest installation process with a smooth and even ridge line, Trimline Rigid Roll should not be pre-fastened along the entire vent prior to cap shingle installation.

  • Durable corrugated HDPE plastic enables the use of a coil nail gun with no crushing.
  • Trimline Rigid Roll Plus unrolls in seconds and can be easily trimmed to any length using a utility knife.

Attractive Appearance

With a low profile, Trimline Rigid Roll Plus provides effective ventilation while virtually disappearing into the roof line. Trimline Ridge Vents create the most attractive, straight and even roof line while providing superior ventilation. Trimline Rigid Roll Plus's innovative design does not require baffles even in the harshest conditions. Trimline Rigid Roll Plus also eliminates the need for numerous unsightly vents protruding from the roof. Trimline Ridge Vents' bafflefree design provide a clean ridge line appearance under pre-formed ridge caps such as Rapid Ridge and EZ Ridge.

How Trimline Ridge Vent StormStop Membrane Works

The Trimline StormStop protects the attic from nature's worst elements. In extreme weather conditions, damaging elements that could enter into the vent are blocked by the StormStop membrane in Rigid Roll Plus and Rigid Vent Plus. StormStop is a revolutionary spun-bound material that keeps moisture out while allowing continuous airflow. The StormStop material is 71% open and 29% closed, meaning that water will bead up on the material and roll back out of the vent.