Tomcat® 0361710 Rat Snap® Trap with Interlocking Jaws


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SKU: 11692497
MFG: 0361710


The Tomcat Rat Snap Trap is a powerful device that effectively kills rats. Their aggressive design makes escape virtually impossible. Patented trap uses interlocking jaws to make escape virtually impossible. Removable bait cup enhances trap servicing even when unset.

  • Quickly and effectively kills brown and black rats
  • Powerful snap design that?s easy to use
  • Conveniently set traps with hand or foot
  • Patented trap uses interlocking jaws to make escape virtually impossible
  • Removable bait cup enhances trap servicing even when unset.

How to Use

  • After taking the Rat Snap Trap from its package, remove the trap's bait cup, which is located at the bottom of the trap, by twisting it counter clockwise
  • Place bait like Tomcat Mouse Attractant Gel or other foods attractive to rats like peanut butter or cheese into the bait cup. Once loaded, carefully re-insert it back into the rat trap
  • Set the Rat Snap Trap by pressing the top portion of the trap onto the bottom portion until the device clicks into place
  • After catching a rat in the trap, pinch the device open and dispose of the rat carcass in a trash receptacle.

When to Apply

  • Witnessing a rat or its droppings in your home is an indication that you have a rodent problem. Using multiple Tomcat Rat Snap Traps allows you to quickly and effectively control an infestation
  • Destruction to food, furniture, or elements of your home. Be especially on the lookout for their tell-tale gnaw marks
  • If you have pets, they may behave erratically in response to rodent presence
  • Oily rub marks located on the baseboards of walls indicate that rats are traveling in your home.

How often to apply

  • After placing your trap, wait one to two days. If it has not caught a rat in over two days, try relocating the trap to a new location
  • Rats are cautious, however, they may take a day or two longer to catch than mice
  • If you suspect your rat problem is more serious than a couple rats, you should consider placing several Tomcat Rat Snap Traps near their suspected nest area
  • Rats, like mice, breed quickly. The sooner you trap them, the sooner you can prevent the infestation from growing.

Where to Use

  • Before placing Tomcat Rat Snap Traps, it's helpful to assess your home to locate the rats' nest as well as the route the rodents are likely taking to reach food and water
  • Again, you'll want to look for oily rub marks, rat droppings, and gnaw marks to track these creatures in your home
  • Once you've located the site of their activity, you should place your Rat Snap Traps perpendicular to a wall at intervals ranging between fifteen and thirty feet. For larger infestations, place traps at shorter intervals.