Easy Heat ADKS-1000 Electric Roof & Gutter De-Icing Heating Cable, 1000W, 200'


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SKU: 11711082
MFG: ADKS-1000


Freeze and thaw cycles create ice dams that can quickly damage or even destroy roof coverings, gutters and downspouts. The resulting water damage to your home's interior can be many times more expensive to repair than the roof or gutter itself. Our roof and gutter de-icing products are engineered to protect your property by preventing the formation of ice dams. These electric heating cables economically and efficiently reduce ice formation along roof edges and in gutters, drains and downspouts to provide a path for meltwater to flow off the structure.

  • Size: 200'
  • Watts: 1000W
  • Roof and gutter cable
  • Includes clips and spacers
  • Capacity is 5-Watt per foot
  • Prevent roof damage and leaking
  • Keep gutters and downspouts flowing
  • Preassembled ready-to-install CSA and UL listed.

Keep Gutters and Downspouts Flowing all Winter Long with EasyHeat® Roof De-icing Cable

  • ADKS roof and gutter de-icing cables help end costly ice damage by preventing ice dam formation and promoting the free flow of water through gutters and downspouts to ground level.
  • This product is for the sole intended use of preventing ice dams from forming on inclined roofs with tab shingles, in gutters and in downspouts. This roof de-icing cable is not intended for use as a snow-melting system to clear roof of ice and snow. Never install on a flat roof. Never install on combustible materials. Not suitable for use on metal roofs: contact EasyHeat for appropriate cable solutions.

Designing A System

  • Sun exposure, prevailing weather direction and roof shape may result in different conditions at different points on a roof. Several controls and shorter cable runs may be appropriate. If only one control is used, it should be located to respond to the worst icing conditions.
  • The length of roofline alone does not determine cables/controls needed. Consider: roof design and size; gutter and downspout location; number of sides of a typical, peaked roof to be protected.
  • Use of a temperature and moisture sensing control, such as the EasyHeat® RS-2 Roof Sentry, is highly recommended. Using a proper control will ensure the system is automatically energized only when needed. Use one RS-2 for each ADKS cable installed.
  • Use a ground fault protection device or outlet.
  • Weather-proofed outlets of sufficient quantity and amp rating are required within six (6) foot cord-set length of the cable/control starting point.


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