Havahart® DO5600-6 Deer Off® Waterproof Deer Repellent Stations, 6-Pack


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SKU: 11439127
MFG: DO5600-6


Air flows through the station, carrying repellent scent across your garden. Deer Off® Deer Repellent is the only product of its kind with a patented weatherproof housing that protects the powerful deer repellent from the elements, allowing you to apply them just once per growing season. The rugged housing is specially designed to keep water out of the station while allowing air to travel through, spreading the repellent scent across your yard or garden for an effective defense against deer.

  • 6 pack
  • Repellent is continuously released from repellent station
  • Triggering a deer's instinct to avoid predator activity
  • Works on rabbits, all season protection
  • Apply once for season-long protection
  • Patented Weatherproof Casing Protects Repellent from the Elements
  • Active ingredient is protected in a heavy duty
  • Patented repellent station
  • Safe for vegetable gardens
  • Does not come in contact with leaves or fruit
  • Non-toxic, organic, safe to use around children & pets.

100% Dried Blood - A Powerful, All-Natural Deer Deterrent:

  • Deer Off® Deer Repellent contains 100% dried blood – a proven scent deterrent that is odorless to humans, yet easily detectable by the heightened senses of deer. Dried blood is recognized as a leading deer repellent in university studies and field trials by the U.S. Department of Agriculture; its presence reminds deer of predator activity and triggers them to instinctively flee to escape potential danger.

Easy to Use and Discreet:

  • Deer Off®'s exterior has a discreet color that will blend right into your yard. Simply place the repelling stations in your flower pots, tie them onto branches or fencing, or stake them into the ground throughout your garden with the included thin metal stakes. For best results, place stations 4-6 feet apart throughout your protected area or as a perimeter treatment. It’s that easy.

The Ideal Repellent for Vegetable Gardens:

  • The unique repellent housing allows you to place Deer Off® Repelling Stations virtually anywhere outdoors, because the active ingredient is secured safely inside. This means you can protect your vegetable gardens and other edible crops from deer without the repellent coming into contact with the leaves or fruit.