Equity® 40222S Insta-Set Analog Wall Clock with Silver Plastic Frame, 10"


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MFG: 40222S


A neat timepiece, the Equity® Insta-Set Analog Wall Clock will be a useful addition to your home. Convenient time set to adjust to your time zone setting and resets for daylight saving time. Includes memory chip sets clock to any of the 6 programmed time zones: ATL, EST, CST, MST, PST and ALA. This clock comes with a plastic case and has a smart silver finish that add to its appeal. Automatic update for daylight saving time.

  • Automatically sets the time - just select the time zone
  • Updates automatically for daylight saving time
  • Includes memory chip with exact time and date
  • Six time zones to select from: Atlantic, Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific and Alaska
  • 10" silver plastic case, glass lens
  • Requires one 3V lithium battery (included) and two "AA" batteries (not included)


  • Length: 10"
  • Width: 10"
  • Depth: 1"

Power Requirement

  • One 3v Lithium Battery CR2032 is required to hold the time memory. The lithium battery is included.
  • Two "AA" Alkaline batteries are required to operate the time function. These batteries are not included.

Time Zones

  • H-Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time
  • A-Alaska Standard Time
  • P-Pacific Standard Time
  • M-Mountain Standard Time
  • C-Central Standard Time
  • E-Eastern Standard Time

Setting Procedure For The Auto-Set Clock

BEFORE inserting the "AA" batteries into the battery compartment

  • Make sure that the clock hands are in the 12:00 position
  • The Mode switch (8) should be in the SET position
  • Slide the time zone switch (2) to the correct time zone
  • Slide the DST witch (9) to the appropriate position for your area
  • Verify that the rear LCD display (4) reads the correct time
  • Once all above is complete, insert the "A" batteries; slide the mode switch (8) to the run position, the clock will fast forward to the correct time.

Note: To change the Time zone, DST, or time, the mode switch (8) must be in SET position. Remove the "AA" batteries, and then follow the setting steps above.

Daylight Savings Time

  • If you live in an area that does observe DST, place the DST switch into the ON position. The clock will now adjust automatically each spring and fall to correct for the 1-hour time change.
  • If you live in an area that does not observe DST, such as Arizona, Hawaii, or parts of Indiana, place the switch into the OFF position to deactivate the DST function.

Replacing 3V Lithium Battery

  • The Auto-set time memory is maintained by a lithium button cell battery, model CR2032. The expected life of this battery is about 8 years. Be sure that the 2 "AA" batteries in the clock are fresh. The MODE switch (8) must be in the RUN position when replacing this button cell battery. This battery is located in the small round battery compartment on the rear of the clock secured by a screw. Open the battery compartment (3) with a screw driver and replace the CR2032 lithium battery observing the polarity. Then close the compartment securing with the screw.

Setting The Correct Data Information In The LCD Display

  • 1) Manually turn the clock hands to 12:00
  • 2) Be sure a fresh Lithium button cell battery is in place, model CR2032
  • 3) Slide the time zone switch (2) to the desired time zone position
  • 4) Choose DST on or off, by sliding the DST switch to ON or OFF position
  • 5) Slide the mode switch (8) to SET position, a SETUP icon will be flashing on the display. The HOUR digit will be also flashing. Press (+) key (6) or (-) key (7) to adjust to the correct hours. Note the "PM" indicator on the LCD display.
  • 6) Press MODE key (5) once, the minute digit will be flashing. Press (+) key (6) or (-) key (7) to adjust to the correct minutes.
  • 7) Press MODE key (5) again, to set month, day, year, similarly.
  • 8) Insert two fresh "AA" alkaline batteries into battery compartment (1), according to the polarity shown.
  • 9) You can slide the switch (8) to SEC position, press (+) key (6) to have the clock’s second hand move to 12:00 position.
  • 10) Slide the switch (8) to RUN position, the clock’s hands will move quickly, and automatically synchronize the new time data in the LCD display.

Replacing The "AA" Batteries

  • For best performance, replace the "AA" batteries annually to maintain accuracy. With the MODE switch in the RUN position, remove the old "AA" batteries. Make sure the hands are in the 12:00 position. If not so, manually turn the hands to 12:00. Insert 2 fresh "AA" alkaline batteries into the battery compartment (1) according to the polarity shown. The clock will automatically move to the correct time displayed in the LCD display. Alkaline batteries are recommended. Carbon zinc and rechargeable (nickel cadmium) batteries are not recommended. Please help in preservation of the environment and return used batteries to an authorized depot.


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