DeoxIT® D5S-6 D-Series D5 Contact Cleaner Spray with Perfect-Straw™, 5 Oz


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SKU: 11715007
MFG: D5S-6


DeoxIT® D-Series D5 Spray is an unique contact cleaner, rejuvenator, conductivity enhancer and lubricant. Dissolves oxidation and corrosion on metal surfaces. Fills in microscopic gaps and reseals surface for better contact to enhance flow of electricity. Chemically improves metal-to-metal connections and contacts. Improves connector performance/reliability. Temperature range: -34 to +200OC.

  • Size: 5 ounce
  • D5 contact cleaner spray with perfect straw
  • 5% solution
  • Flushing action, safe on most plastics
  • Fast acting deoxidizing solution that cleans, protects, lubricates and improves conductivity on all metal connectors and contacts
  • Improves electronics and electrical metal connections
  • Use as a general treatment for connectors, contacts and other metal surfaces, and on non-critical metal surfaces with severe oxidation and corrosion
  • Dissolves corrosion, seals and protects surfaces
  • Rejuvenates and improves performance and reliability
  • Cleaner audio, clear video and reliable data.


  • 5% Spray, with Perfect-Straw™ - Flushing action, Safe on most plastics.
  • DeoxIT® D100L concentrate has approximately 20% chemical cleaning action.
  • Excellent cleaning/deoxidizing, good protection, no ozone depletion.
  • Improves conductivity and reduces intermittent connections.
  • Reduces arcing, RFI, wear and abrasion.
  • Cleaner Audio - Clearer Video - Reliable Data.


  • 5% DeoxIT® D100L
  • 75% Odorless mineral spirits (CAS 64742-88-7)
  • 20% DIFLUOROETHANE (CAS 75-37-6)

Directions for Use:

  • Turn off, unplug the device.
  • Apply one short burst of DeoxIT® D-Series contact cleaner to contact/connector surface. Operate the part/device to help break up oxides and contamination. Wait a few seconds, reapply one short burst. Wait two minutes before turning on equipment. Test for compatibility before use.
  • In extreme cases (severe oxidation or corrosion), you may need to leave DeoxIT® on overnight. If that is necessary; apply, then the following day remove any contaminants lifted by DeoxIT® with a lint free swab or cloth on accessible surfaces (If surface is not accessible, repeat step two above.). When surface is clean (no residue on the swab/cloth), finish with a short burst of DeoxIT®, then remove excess leaving a thin layer.
  • If you notice a green or black coloration on the surface (may take a few days) after applying DeoxIT®, this indicates dissolved oxidation (surface was severely oxidized). Follow step "2" above one more time.
  • For extended protection: After surface is clean, apply DeoxIT® Gold G-Series for indoor applications or DeoxIT® Shield S-Series for outdoor applications.
  • NOTE: To prevent overspray or spraying in unwanted areas, you can always spray onto a lint-free swab or cloth first and then using the swab/cloth apply the DeoxIT® to the connector/contact surface(s).