Messmer's WDL-1 Wood & Deck Re-Newer & Brightener, 1-Gallon



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Messmer's Wood and Deck Liquid Renewer and Brightener concentrate is specially formulated to clean and brighten exterior wood decks, fences, log homes, and other exterior wood projects.

Messmer's Wood and Deck Liquid Renewer can be used to prepare old, weathered wood for finishing, or as part of regular wood care maintenance to keep your deck, fence, log home, or other wood surfaces looking great.

The liquid concentrate makes up to five gallons of solution. You simply mix in warm water, stir, and use according to the label directions.

Use Wood and Deck Liquid Renewer on all woods including cedar, redwood, ipe, pine, and pressure treated lumber as an alternative to our Wood and Deck powder concentrates.

  • Size: Gallon
  • Cleans and brightens exterior wood in one step
  • Excellent for deck maintenance
  • Biodegradable, safe and easy to use
  • Prepares weathered wood surfaces & restores its original appearance without bleaching
  • It removes old wood fiber, dirt & discolorations in 1 easy step

Before - After

Messmer's Wood and Deck products can take old, weathered wood and make it look new again. The right half of this 20 year old cedar board has been restored and is ready for staining or sealing with Messmer's products.

Materials List:

  • Messmer's Wood & Deck Liquid for redwoods and some cedars that require brightening.
  • Clean and brighten up to 500 square feet with one gallon mixed with water.
  • Nylon or fiber brush (no metal brushes) or push broom
  • Water, hose, plastic buckets, mop

Do not begin until you have read and understand all instructions. If you have questions, call us toll free at 1-800-731-3669, weekdays 8-5 Mountain time. We recommend doing a small test area on your project to insure your satisfaction with appearance before proceeding with the entire job.

For cleaning and brightening of redwood and cedar, or for mild cleaning on all woods:
Sweep excess debris (dirt and leaves) off the deck. Wet the deck surface down with clean water from the hose. Mix Wood & Deck Liquid in warm water at the recommended strength.

After waiting for several minutes for product to dissolve and activate, apply with a mop or sprayer. Let the product sit on the deck surface for at least 10 minutes, making sure to keep the deck wet with more product if it begins to dry out.

Scrub the deck boards with the grain of the wood, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is it important to clean before applying wood finishes?
A: If you apply UV Plus or other wood finishes to a dirty wood surface, the wood will go dark and dingy. The oils and resins in the stain will entrap the dirt and make it impossible to clean until the product wears away with the top surface of the wood. By cleaning the wood with a good quality wood cleaner like Messmer's Wood and Deck Part A, you are properly preparing the deck or other wood surface for staining with UV Plus.

Q: Are your products hazardous to people and animals or to plants?
A: When used in accordance with label instructions, all of our products are safe to use. As with any cleaning chemicals, keep them out of the reach of children and away from pets. It's always best to wet down the lawn and vegetation area around your project, and rinse thoroughly afterward to dilute any cleaning products you may use. We also suggest covering sensitive plants to minimize contact with any cleaning chemicals.

Q: How do I decide which product(s) to use on my deck?
A: The powder products are the most powerful and the best choice for tough jobs. For redwood and cedar decks, use either the powder cleaner and brightener in that order, or use just the liquid product alone. On some types of wood, the brightener and liquid renewer / brightener are not effective and will not change the look of the wood. For best results, use the powder cleaner alone on hardwood, pressure treated, and pine decks.

Q: How much product do I need?
A: Messmer's Wood and Deck Liquid Renewer and Brightener will clean and brighten up to 500 square feet of wood surface per gallon bottle, if mixed with the maximum amount of water. One bottle makes up to five gallons of cleaning solution. Tough jobs may require multiple applications and/or a stronger mix, so coverage may be lower.

Q: Why should I use a cleaner on my wood?
A: Cleaning and brightening your wood before applying a quality wood finish allows that wood finish to bring out the true beauty of the wood's surface. Properly preparing the wood before staining is a very important step.

Q: What's the difference between a cleaner and a brightener?
A: A cleaner is a detergent, it removes dirt and dust from the wood's surface. A brightener removes tannin stains from woods prone to extractive bleeding, such as cedar and redwood. Tannins occur naturally in some woods and often appear as a dark discoloration after the wood is exposed to moisture.

Q: Can't I just use bleach?
A: Bleach is not recommended for cleaning wood. It destroys the lignin which connects the wood fibers together and gives the wood an unnatural washed-out look. Bleach should only be used to remove mildew before applying a wood finish.

Q: I have a dark discoloration on the wood, is it mildew?
A: Place a drop of bleach (sodium hypochlorite solution) on the wood. If it lightens, it is probably mildew. Remove it with a solution of one part household bleach to two parts water, then rinse with water. If it doesn't lighten, it's probably just dirt, or wood extractives. Use Messmer's Part A or WD Liquid to clean the wood.

Q: I stained my deck last year, it already looks bad! Why?
A: Decks are hard to keep looking new. If your car sat outside for a year without being washed, would it look new? Wood traps dirt, dust, pollen and airborne pollutants, so you must remove them with a quality deck cleaner.

Q: How often should I clean my deck?
A: We recommend cleaning your deck at least yearly. Twice a year is better. Don’t reapply stain too frequently, this can cause blotchiness and shiny spots.

Q: How do I use these products?
A: Mix concentrates with water as per the label instructions, then apply with a garden sprayer or mop. After about five minutes, use a push broom or brush to scrub the wood surface. After allowing the product to work for twenty minutes, rinse with clean water.

Q: Are your products safe to use?
A: Yes, when label instructions are followed properly. They will not harm the wood, your plants or your lawn and are bio-degradable.