Household Essentials® 18105 Stow Away In-Wall Ironing Board, White


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Household Essentials® Stow Away® In-Wall Ironing Board fits into closets, bathroom, bedrooms, and laundry rooms for ironing made easy. This ironing board cabinet installs into the wall, receding 3.5 inches into the wall between 16-inch on center wood studs (for metal studs, visit your local hardware store for suitable mounting hardware). The cabinet comes about 4 inches out from the wall, with a sleek frame and a door that can be mounted to open to the right or left. Inside the cabinet is a fold out ironing board that is 11.75 inches wide x 41 inches long. Once open, the ironing board swivels from side to side 180 degrees! It has a tapered nose and traditional rounded end for a familiar, comfortably ironing experience. 2 interior storage shelves keep the iron and ironing accessories handy. Heat resistant panels on the top shelf provide safer iron storage, too. The closed cabinet measures 47.75 inches high, 15.75 inches wide, and 7.75 inches deep uninstalled. It installs 3.5 inches into the wall and protrudes approximately 4 inches from the wall. The ironing board opens 11 inches from the bottom of the cabinet. Installed according to manufacturer's instructions, the ironing board will be 36 inches off the floor, with a built-in height adjustment that can raise it 2 more inches (for a 38-inch high ironing board). If a different height is required (or preferred), adjustments must be made to the installation cutout height BEFORE the cabinet is installed.

  • Color: White
  • In-wall ironing board cabinet installs in the wall between 16-inch on center studs
  • Finished white surface is ready to install and display
  • Door can install to open left or right
  • 180° swiveling ironing board surface
  • 2 insternal storage shelves with heat resistant plates on upper shelf
  • Ironing board opens 11 inches above bottom of cabinet
  • Board's height adjusts 2-inches after installation
  • Iron resting place at rear of ironing board platform
  • Comes with cover and pad with NANOMAX stain and scorch coating
  • 47.75 inches high, 15.75 inches wide, and 7.75 inches deep


  • 47.75"(H) x 15.75"(W) x 7.75"(D)

Board recesses 3.5 inches into the wall.

Ironing Surface:

  • 41" x 11-3/4"

Cabinet Opened and Board Out:

  • 28.5"(W) (door open) x 44.5" from wall (ironing board extended forward)

Cabinet Interior:

  • 13.25"(W) x 5.375"(D)

*shelves are shallower than cabinet

  • Top Shelf: 4.375"(D) x 12"(H)
  • Bottom Shelf: 3.5"(D) x 16"(H)

Board height (as measured from bottom exterior of cabinet):

  • 11-13"

Additional Info:

180 Degree Rotation

  • The Stow Away® In-Wall Ironing Board rotates a full 180 degrees; 90 degrees to left and 90 degrees to the right.

Adjustable Board Height

  • With a simple lift, guide and glide, your board height adjusts approximately two inches for a more comfortable ironing experience. Tailored to your height!
  • You have a great deal to say about how high your ironing board will be. The board has two internal height settings, to accomodate different users. And because you choose how low or high the cabinet is when installed in the wall, you have evey more control.

Storage Shelves

  • The STOW AWAY In-Wall Ironing Board features two extra deep shelves for storing your ironing accessories. The top shelf has a heat barrier to accommodate hot or cold irons. A convenient garment hook is on the inside of the door.

A dynamic board!

  • This hideaway board is perfectly sized for pressing. It has a large enough surface area to let you iron comfortably--and a small enough area not to take up too much room. Its nose fits comfortably into shirt shoulders. And, the board swivels! This means you can ironing right or left handing on the same board!

Unparalleled design:

  • This Stow Away® In-Wall Ironing Board is the best kept secret hidden in plain sight. It intalls seamlessly in living rooms, kitchens, laundryrooms, and even in closets. The idea being, of course, that the attractive cabinet doesn't look like it has an ironing board inside. This means that you can keep your ironing board accessible makes ironing less daunting.

Sleek and stylish!

  • The white board has a clean white finish that blends well with classic and modern decors. It's an easy choice--perfect for those of us who are a little less handy with wood staining or painting.


The experts say,

  • "Measure twice; cut once.

Prior to installation, determine:

  • 1) Where the cabinet should go (i.e., what room, proximity of an outlet, sufficient clearance: 45 inches in front of the board and 66 across on center for full range of motion, location of 16-inch on center wall STUDS on which to ANCHOR, direction door should open)
  • 2) How high the ironing board to be. Adjust the cutout height accordingly. For example, we recommend 25 inches off the floor for a standard 36-38 inch high ironing surface.

For a HIGHER ironing board height, INCREASE the distance from the floor to the bottom of the cutout. Example: 28 inches
For a LOWER ironing board height, DECREASE the distance from the floor to the bottom of the cutout. Example: 22 inches

Rough Cut

Measure twice; cut once.

  • 1. Measure. Pencil sketch in your cut: 14.25 wide x 42.25 high, 25 inches above the floor (adjust +/- as desired for ironing board height). Measure again.
  • 2. Check that sketch will end with the ironing board at the right height and the cabinet BETWEEN studs.
  • 3. Rough cut opening into wall.

Install Accessories

  • 4. Install door hinges on the door (DO NOT ATTACH THE DOOR TO THE CABINET YET). Hinges will be on the RIGHT to open the door to the right; Hinges should be on the LEFT to open the door to the LEFT. Do not over tighten screws.
  • 5. Install the accessory hook in the upper corner of the door, opposite from the hinges. The hook should be 2 inches from the top of the door and 1.5 inches from the side of the door to not interfere with the ironing board or cabinet frame.
  • Installing the Cabinet into the Cutout
  • 6. Lift the cabinet into the cutout, fitting it in bottom edge to top edge.
  • 7. Anchor the cabinet to the wall studs by placing screws through the side of the cabinet, under the shelves.
  • 8. Attach the cabinet door to the Stow Away frame.


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