Schleich® 42195 Stable with Horses & Accessories Toy Playset


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SKU: 11696358
MFG: 42195


Schleich® Stable with Horses and Accessories Toy Playset is an unparalleled attention to realistic scale and detailing. A true reflection of nature on a smaller scale. Made of high quality vinyl plastic and hand painted. The big stable in its naturalistic design provides plenty of space to accommodate the horses. The horses love going to the feed area and running in the paddocks.

  • Stable with horses and accessories
  • Unparalleled attention to realistic scale and detailing
  • A true reflection of nature on a smaller scale
  • Made of high quality vinyl plastic
  • Hand painted
  • For ages 3 and up
  • Dimensions: 22.4"(W) x 5.5"(D) x 15"(H).


  • Roof with paddocks becomes an open riding arena!
  • Fence parts can be connected in any way!
  • Moveable roof window!
  • Equipped with hay racks
  • drinking troughs and tack holder.


  • (1) Horse Stable
  • (1) Mustang Mare
  • (1) Mustang Foal
  • (1) Leisure Rider
  • (12) Paddock
  • (2) Flower Box
  • (1) Leisure Saddle
  • (1) Bridle
  • (1) Headstall
  • (1) Blanket
  • (4) Saddle Holder
  • (4) Feeding Rack
  • (4) Drinking Trough
  • (1) Feeding Box
  • (1) Carrot
  • (2) Green Apple
  • (2) Red Apple
  • (1) Pitchfork
  • 1) Hay bale
  • 1) Straw bale
  • 1) Sticker sheet.

There is always plenty to do at the stable!

Removable Roof

  • The roof of the stable is removable and is used together with the paddocks to create an open riding arena. This is where the riders are preparing for their tournament.

Enclosed Space

  • The paddocks included in the set can be fixed directly to the barn to give horses area to run. Sometimes, if you wish, a horse can leave the stable through the fence.


  • Conveniently, the skylights of the stable are movable. For example, if necessary, the temperature and fresh air are regulated in the barn.

Space for Accessories

  • The barn includes a holder for the saddle and bridle. Water troughs and feed racks are attached so the horses are always well cared for. On the boxes are the names of the horses along with a sticker sheet.

Sarah is returning from her ride with Maya, her Mustang mare. It was wonderful - and the new saddle fits perfectly too. Now she rubs Maya down, brushes her and gives her straw and feed. Afterwards, Sarah intends to have a quick snuggle with the little Mustang foal. A wonderful day at the stables.

It's a wonderful day at the stables today. The sun is shining and the horses are grazing peacefully on the paddock. The stables are located in an idyllic spot on the edge of the forest, and the flowers are blossoming on the meadows and in the flowerboxes at the stables. Sarah is returning from a ride with Maya, her Mustang mare. She has just tried her new saddle - and it fits perfectly. She will now rub down and brush her beloved horse and then give her fresh feed and straw. Then she will have a quick snuggle with the little Mustang foal before heading back home after a long, wonderful day at the stables.

Fun Fact:

  • The stalls in the new stable building are very large and all the horses feel very comfortable there.